Tempted Aesthetic – Learning Center

I strive for a good aesthetic.

It’s my genuine life goal to have an Instagram feed made by an artist. But sometimes I have troubles sticking to just one theme. So my goal was to go for a neutral themed learning center.

That did not happen.

Let’s go back to planning. The part of my learning center that I knew I wanted was a poster board telling a little bit about Kerry Washington, but I also really wanted a game of some sort. I had so much trouble thinking of something to do with acting. I thought about reciting a script and reenacting what an audition would be like, but neither really stuck to me. 2 nights before NotN I finally had the idea, improv. Kerry came from a small youth theatre group, so I figured that they must have played a lot of improv. My original plan for my improv game was to have 3 different boxes with slips of paper representing a specific part of the act. 1 box had slips of paper describing 2 characters, another had slips of paper describing location, and the final box had slips describing an event/problem. I though that was going to work until I tried it myself. The act I got was “Beyonc√© and Barack Obama, at the mall, and there’s a cat stuck in a tree.” it didn’t really work. So I changed it up a bit by having only 2 boxes. 1 box described characters, and another described the setting and problem. I think it worked out better that way. My original plan for my poster board was to create it specifically black, white and gray, but that totally didn’t happen. I went to the dollar store and found red, sparkly fabric gift wrap and sparkly, silver letters, I couldn’t pass them up. I made my theme an award show aesthetic, with the red gift wrap as curtains and her name was is silver letters to give a lit up look. When it came to setting up, but wasn’t really happy. It seemed pretty boring, so I went tony locker in hopes to find something. I found a newspaper and knitted scarf. I went back to my center and tried my best to add some new things. The newspaper was laid out on the table and the scarf was placed in front on my poster board. Olivia Pope (Kerry’s character on scandal) had the fashion theme of knit and “warm” / “cozy” feel, so I think it worked pretty well. I also wrote a little “day planner” and added a sign on top of my board writing “improv”. I wish I had a bit more time to focus on more detail on the poster board, but the night before, my printer broke at home, so I asked Billie to print out all the information at her house and the next day at school I put it all together. ¬†Overall I think it looked pretty nice, but I hope to make my learning center a bit bigger next year, with a bit more props and setting, and with a bit more open minded game. A lot of people weren’t very comfortable with trying out improv, which I can understand because it’s very spontaneous, so next year I would like to make up a game where everyone is completely comfortable. I also loved the learning centers that put you in a scene or setting, so I might want to try something like that next year.


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