In Depth Post #3 – Changes

If I could describe these past 3 weeks in one word it would be “progress”.

Before I continue on with all the technical things like meeting with my mentor and hands on progress, I wanted to just acknowledge the fact that I have never in my entire life been more excited about a project. Every single year during middle school, I would have a good plan for a passions project, however I never made any true progress or big changes, but this year I am beyond confident.

Now, the real stuff.

I called my mentor 2 weeks ago and she very generously invited me over to her home the next day. We both agreed that the first topic we should discuss are types of paints and bases. Michelle told me all about the different types of paints and what their finishes are. Paints that have a shiny finish (like Semigloss, Highgloss, or Satin/pearl) have a lot more molecules than matte finish paints (Flat and Eggshell). The molecules are more tightly compacted, which leaves the shiny finish. I personally really like matte colours and I suggested the idea of painting all of my walls with a Flat type of paint (the most matte finish paint) however Michelle brought across the point that when you touch dried matte paint, your fingers typically leave an oil mark (which is why flat paint is painted on ceilings). So Michelle and I agreed that I should paint my walls using an Eggshell paint. My walls will finish matte, yet it won’t be able to leave finger prints all over my walls.

We then started discussing base colours. My original intention was to paint all my walls with a base white, however Michelle completely changed my outlook. If I were to paint my mural wall white, it would be extremely hard to blend out darker colours without white showing through. To blend textures and colours, I will need to mix water or  floetrol into the paint (to thin out the paint) and the white base coat will show through the thin layer of dark paint. Michelle suggested a light grey shade or the base colour of my entire colour palette.

I started  asking about textures and which textures would be best at my level, and then Michelle surprised me. She left the living room and came back a minute later with a big red book and handed it to me. The book was filled with step by step instructions on how to paint textures and which materials are best. Michelle told me to look through the book and when I were to start painting in March, she could help me out if I had any problems. This book was hers while she was studying at BCIT, as long as I give it back to her, it’s mine to use and admire. Michelle also incredibly generously gave me some left over paint tins that I could experiment with and try out different textures before moving onto the big and final project. However, before I begin the big project I will need to finalize colours and go to the paint store and buy full tins of paint and go from there.

We discussed a lot throughout our meeting, however the main point Michelle brought to my attention was “never use a sponge”. Sponges leave texture on your walls, while cheesecloth blends beautifully without leaving an unwanted, splotty texture. I thanked Michelle a million times for her generosity and came home and cleaned my room immediately and started painting on my blank, bare walls. If I have blank walls I might as well paint and try new things. I tried a few textures, however I wanted to see just one wall with one solid base colour. I painted over everything using a grey to see the wall, and I fell in love with the colour. The colour is a light grey with almost a tint of brown and it is absolutely beautiful, however it doesn’t fit my colour pallet. I’m almost done my inspiration board and colour palet, and this beautiful grey doesn’t fit quite well, so I’ll have to keep on exploring different greys to find the perfect one.

Over these next two weeks, I want to finish my sketch plan and start painting my walls with the base colour the first weekend of March. It’s going to be a very busy two weeks with finalizing and reorganizing my room, however I’m confident it’ll get done.

Overall these weeks have been very educational and relatively productive, which make me so happy and I am more than excited for the final product.

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  1. Great meeting with your mentor. Sounds like you found something to be very passionate about. What are some of the designs you are considering?

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