Blog Response #3 – Harrison Bergeron

After watching the film and reading the story “Harrison Bergeron”, I noticed quite a few differences; some positive and some negative. Which one is “better” is completely subjective, though, I believe the movie portrayed a more thorough and climactic versionĀ of the original story.

The biggest difference I noticed that made the movie standout, was how long progressive the climax was and who Harrison Bergeron really is. In the story, Harrison is seen as (almost) a supernatural; being seven feet tall at the age of 14, able to jump as high as ceilings and defy gravity, and able to rip 300 pound handicaps. While in the film, Harrison seemed a lot more human; with less extravagant actions to prove his points. Harrison’s “want” in the written story is to start a revolution against the government, and he seems more like a rebel against the government in the film. Both these differences play a big part in the climax in the film. The climax (in the film) showed a lot more of Harrison’s human side, like picking a “volunteer” rather than an “empress” like in the film. He also makes a bigger effort to bring his message across (to rebel) by saying a speech about how corrupt the government is, while threatening to detonate a bomb.

I believe that these differences made the movie standout over the written story because it shows the realistic side. Although actually seeing and observing the characters made it easier, the climax seemed a lot more believable. Harrison was given more time to explain himself and his reasoning, which helped me sympethize and grow a deeper understanding.

Although the blankness in the written story can be seen as positive for some people, it was quite confusing and unfulfilling for me.

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