Eminent Speech Layout

Exposition: I would start off with the subject of “notability”. Most notables are known after years of school, but Ellen only attended college for 1 semester. This is where I’m going to play off lots of jokes, to let Ellen be known to the audience. I want to make it known that this is the “monologue” Ellen has before every talk show.

Inviting incident/rising action: Ellen (or, I) starts to talk about the beginning of her comedy career. It was odd how she started off working in a comedy club and within a year, she was touring as a comedian. She was a star guest on many talk shows and was becoming known as the female comedian who we know today.

Climax: Once her fame had been set in stone (she was a star on a television show “Ellen’s Energy Adventure”) and was confident that her audience loved her for her, she came out as lesbian.

Falling action: Ellen’s audience loved her because she spread positivity and laughter, not because she was the first gay woman comedian. She believes that through love and kindness, we can all become accepting of one another.

Resolution: She believes that dancing is a way that anyone can spread happiness . The speech will end off with me quoting “Be kind to one another.” And finishing it off with her iconic audience dance.

Through this speech, I want to make Ellen’s “want” very evident. I believe that Ellen’s “want” is to spread positivity, kindness and love through comedy; that’s why she does what she does. Her “fear” is the world falling apart from hate and prejudice. Obviously, as I grow closer to Ellen as this project goes on, the speech will become more evident around these points.

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