ZIP Document of Learning #1

The first week of ZIP has been full of adjustments and adaptation to this new project. Like I said in my proposal post, I have been wanting to take on script writing for a while, but I never came around to it because I never took the time to think of my own story. I’m not creating a whole new storyline for this play, yet I need to take an elaborate storyline fit into 30 minutes. Many people have watched Mean Girls and love it for its character development and humour, therefore, I don’t want to miss out on important details I may not see, but others do. I watched half the movie last week and I took down notes of every event that included character development and important parts of the storyline; that I can cancel out to a skeleton before writing. I haven’t started cancelling out parts and breaking down to a skeleton yet, but I am positive that my schedule will be put back a bit further. The skeleton needs to include main events that grow the storyline and include parts of character development along the way. Mean Girls is iconic for it’s character development (honestly…there would be no storyline without Cady’s development) and humour that comes along with different situations. To organize my skeleton, I’m going to use Freytag’s Pyramid and include points in between for more structure. Although there’s more pressure than I had expected, I’m really enjoying this project and I’m very excited for the future, so I don’t see myself slowing down in the near future.

One thought on “ZIP Document of Learning #1

  1. Nicole,

    Remember that there should be no pressure to answer your inquiry question in full. Hopefully, answering it to the best of your ability, and demonstrating your learning to your peers, will help create more questions and propel you further on your own.

    With that said, I am really looking forward to seeing how you choose to condense such an iconic film down to 30 minutes. Condensing a story takes skill and an ability to really understand the most significant parts of a narrative.

    Excellent work so far, you are really embodying the spirit of inquiry!

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